Applications of Boston Centerless Medical Grade Material

The medical industry depends on the reliability and efficacy of critical parts and  equipment to ensure the health and safety of human lives every day. As a result, there is little room for error when it comes to producing high-quality, medical-grade parts and components.

Medical device manufacturers often look to Boston Centerless as the leading source of medical-grade materials providing the tightest tolerances in the industry. Medical device OEMs appreciate the advantages of consistently superior roundness, straightness, and diameter tolerance of our BC Medical-Grade precision ground metal and plastic bars.

As CNC Swiss turning machines are being more commonly utilized for medical part production, greater precision is demanded from the raw materials used for these parts. At Boston Centerless, we have a track record of over 60 years of consistently meeting or exceeding these specifications. The result is superior machinability and lower cost of manufacturing for medical components.

CNC Machining for Medical Implants

CNC machining is an effective method for producing medical implants for the human body. By contrast, a process such as injection molding isn’t cost-effective because producing the mold increases the cost of production. Instead, tools can be used repeatedly with medical part machining, which lowers the overall cost of production.

Here are some common CNC machined medical implants:

  • Hip Implants
  • Spinal implants
  • Knee implants
  • Bone screws
  • Intramedullary nails
  • Dental implants

There are many different types of materials that can be used to CNC machine medical implants. These materials include both medical alloys and plastics.

Here are some common materials we supply at Boston Centerless for machining implants:

  • Ti 6AL-4V ELI
  • CoCrMo
  • L605
  • 316LS/LVM Implant Quality F 138
  • 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Stainless
  • MP35N
  • Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

Boston Centerless medical grade material used in surgeries

CNC Machining for Medical Instruments

In addition to medical implants, CNC Swiss machining can also produce a wide variety of surgical instruments. Some examples of medical instrument applications include:

  • Cranial drills
  • Surgical scissors
  • Blade handles
  • Cutters
  • Saws
  • Forceps
  • Holders
  • Clamps
  • Spacers

It’s vital that these medical instruments are manufactured with the utmost precision and follow rigorous medical industry standards for production. For these reasons, CNC machining is an ideal solution because of its ability to achieve extremely tight tolerances.

Our precision grinding services ensure that the material for your medical instruments meets the surface finish specifications required by your application and that there are no surface defects. At Boston Centerless, we use only the highest-quality, medical-grade instrument material including:

  • 303 Stainless
  • 304 Stainless
  • 416 Cond. H (Rc 32-38) Stainless
  • 420 Stainless
  • 440A Stainless
  • 440C Stainless
  • BioDur® TrimRite® Stainless
  • Custom 455® Stainless
  • Custom 465® Stainless
  • Stainless 17-4 PH Cond. H900
  • Stainless 17-4 PH Type 630

CNC Machining for Complex Medical Equipment

CNC machining can also be used to manufacture parts for more complex medical equipment such as diagnostic equipment. Common examples of complex medical equipment that use CNC machined parts include:

  • Ultrasound equipment
  • MRI scanners
  • CT scanners
  • X-ray machines
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Monitors

These pieces of medical equipment can contain hundreds or even thousands of components—many of which can be CNC machined. Examples of components that can be CNC machined for medical equipment include:

  • Buttons
  • Switches
  • Levers
  • Monitor housings

It’s critical that these components meet stringent design requirements to ensure reliability and avoidance of failure in important medical applications. Many of these components must also be durable because they are often transported frequently throughout a hospital or medical facility.

Are you looking for superior raw material to manufacture world-class medical components? Boston Centerless is the industry leader in precision bar materials for medical part machining.

Contact the professionals at Boston Centerless to learn more about how we can help you produce your next cutting-edge medical part or device.

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